alaskian mercon

merrinik mermaik

VOS word order.
   Bilabial  Labiodental  Dental  Alveolar  Postalveolar  Retroflex  Palatal   Velar   Uvular
 Plosive  p'        t' t d      k' g  
 Nasal  m              n(y)  
 Trill        r          
Click  ʘ (er)    ǀ (st)            
 Fricative    f    s          


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To imply something is done, or an action word, adding uk to the end of the word can do so (such as saukruk *verb, to desire nonsexual)

Gendered words?
There are two types of gender, you have neutered (which is most if not all the words for the most part) and sexual (aaga) This could just be considered a word accessory (?), but for right now i’m calling it gendered until I can find a better name for it. To make something sexually based, you add it onto the base word, HOWEVER.If uk is involved then you add it after the uk. ( ie ()ukaaga )

 Past  Future
 uni-annik k’  stinn-annik k’


Past, present and future
Technically everything unless specifically said is in present tense, due to mers not needing a reason to specifically state otherwise, since most things are talked about in the moment when comes to present tense. Past tense is Uni (taken from one of the ancient tongues and half mixed in with Inupiat language, mostly of the base word of unip(k) ) and is put before the word even begins with a hyphen in inbetween. Future tense is Stinn (once again the ancient tongues for the word sinna).


Aaga (noun): sexual nature Aaggaaq (noun): heat season Annik (noun): help or plead Annikuk (adverb): to help Astan*uk (verb): sing, to sing Anagaan*uk (verb): gentle, to be gentle Ankrrop (noun): human Anniruk (noun): two legged, insult Aginnik*uk (verb): dance, to dance Aagatuknnik*uk (verb): mating ritual, to court Fin (noun): friend: To note, can be used infront of things such as mer Fiin (noun): friends, plural Finksruan (noun): partner, romantic Finkiruan (noun): partner, soulmate Finkaaga (noun): partner, sexual Ikist (noun): holy, white light Ikistkuk (noun): pure, nonsexual Ikistkalu (noun): north star Ikalak*uk (verb): laugh, to laugh Ikal*uk (verb): to smile, smile Ikistailik (noun): lightning scar Kakuruk (noun): dead, in the physical sense Kakruk (noun); dead, in the mental sense, not to think about Kuanuk (verb); to impregnate Kailikuk (verb): to fight, like rough waters Kailikukukaaga (verb): to force/assault, sexual Kailik (noun): harsh, or rough Kallu (noun): stars, as a concept and group Kalu (noun): star Kilakme (noun): ceiling of the water, ocean break Kilakmeuk (verb): to break water Kuunik (noun): calm Kuunikuk (verb): to be calm (calmed by waves) Kunnikluk (noun): anger Kunniklukuk (verb): to be angry, rage filled Kiier (noun): teeth Kilaak (noun): broken limb Kilaakluk (verb): to be unbearably broken (painful) Kiiluk*uk (verb): pain, to be in pain Kiieruk (verb): do not Kiie (verb): don't Kunnia*uk (verb): to be happy, happy Kiiniik (noun): blindness (is blind) Laukuruk (noun): non-mer meat (dead fish) Luk (noun): madness, or unbearable Lukuk (verb): to be unwell, crazy in action Laanak (noun): human blood Merkuan (noun): a pregnant person Merikistaaga (noun): pure/virgin, sexual Mavik (noun): home Mermavik (noun): the alaskian/northern area Mer-nmotikkurr (noun): merperson from the depths, deep sea mer Merluk (noun): a mentally unwell mer, usually used as an insult Maiuk (noun): the sexual opening/slit of a mer Maruk (noun): the sexual organ/tentacle of a mer Mattuk (noun): is smart, intellgient Marutt*uk (verb): to think, thinking Mait*uk (verb): to learn, learning Merrinik (noun): language Nikau (noun: cruel, dangerous Nittuk (adverb): to be near Nmotik (noun): the bottom of something/or the depths of the ocean Nmotikkurr (noun): from the depths Niptaktukuk (adverb): to be calmed, at peace Niptaktuk (noun): calm Nattuk (noun): is not mentally speed (nice way to say not that smart) Naluk (noun): stupid, mornic, not used for mer and instead for general concepts Natukst*uk (verb): to boast, be arrogant in words Nmotukik (noun): good Paerr (noun): talk/talking Paerruk (adverb): to talk Saukruk (verb): to want, to desire or to love--nonsexual Saukruknukaaga (verb): to want (sex)--sexual Sikau (noun): cold hearted, but in the right Saukr (noun): love Saukru (noun): like Sikulikiluk (noun): sad, upset Sikulikulukuk (adverb): to be sad Staust*uk (verb): to see, see Staustik*uk (verb): to see intently Sikuniuan*uk (verb): wink, to wink (romantic in nature given society) Stikun*uk (verb): kiss, kissing Stusaa*uk (verb): hear, to hear Stusaat*uk (verb): to listen intently, to hear and care Staukik (noun): the moon Sikin (noun): bed, or somewhere you sleep Ugguksikul (noun): crying, very upset Ugguksikuluk (verb): to be crying Unna (noun): warmth Unnaaga (noun): sexual warmth

example sentences;

Annik, k meu?
 You, help me? 
Uni-kunniklukuk mer!
 They were angry! 
Kst kailikuk ankrrop kst mer, erks kailikuk kurs paerr mer
 The human fights the mermaid, but they fight like they talk 
Paerruk nitt k kiie meuk
 I don't (near; want) talk (to) you 
Nittuk kiieruk
 Do not be near 
Nittuk kiie
 Go away (Fuck off) 
Paerruk k merrinik mermaik
 I talk (speak) alaskian mer 
Stikun meu
 Kiss me