fri. feb 5 of xx21

Sorry for not updating over on my journal, I've been in an emotional block recently, I know it's suprisingly (sarcasm) but I'm not okay. My head is so loud, and it's hard to control, thank christ for 2t2t and jerking off. Again, still working on stuff for the site, probably today you'll see some stuff pop up, either tht or over the weekend.

wends. jan 27 of xx21

I'm now updating the site again, mostly for aesthetic reasons, and also with the addition of my writing tab, soon enough I'll be adding some of my alternate histories and the lore within them. I don't really have anything much to say, asides from I'm glad it doesn't look like shit.

fri. jan 22 of xx21:

Well, it seems I'm back again, in my normal set up, a lot of things have happened, none of which I want to talk about really. I'm allowed to keep to myself after all, I plan on updating the site more and adding some of my writing, characters and inner worlds I have.

This may come as a shock, but I have a psychotic disorder, I recently got the notice from my doctor about it, as well as MAD (Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder) and a more shocking one of DID. I'm attempting to process this the best I can, so hopefully I'll wrote some wordy bits about it. Hope you all had a good holidays though, hate and love.

wends. jan 6 of xx21:

Happy New Year, it seems today has marked the beginning of the end for the American nation, thank GOD . I have a deep-setted hatred for all things like America, its disgusting smell reeks through every country it touches, built on the backs of innocent people enslaved by colonizers. I saw everything unfold in real time over NBC, and it is vile to know that these chucklefucks, these cunts think they have the right to do this.

Other than that, the New Year has been treating me well, I hope it has treated you well. Be aware of the coming times, fascism hasn't been stopped, it's only beginning and the only way to stop it is through force.

mon. dec 21 of xx20:

Well, Happy Holidays you filthy animals. I'm deeply sorry about the fact I haven't updated the site, I've been busy with life related things, and completely forgot about this sadly. My holidays have been good, Christmas is coming up, which I don't like, I hate waking up early. Also, I rewatched Spiderman 2, not that shit one with Andrew Garfield, the good one, and I have to say, it makes sense why I have a fetish for older men now.

Anyways, I wish you all a merry winter, I'll come back after the holidays with some new site stuff, perhaps I'll add some writing? Maybe some music? Who knows! Peace be with you

mon. dec 14 of xx20:

My head has been burning all day, nothing else.

sun. dec 13 of xx20:

It's been a while, hasn't it? I apolgize for not updating the site often enough, but alas, even a machine has a life asides from this place. Today has been good enough, I have never been a fan of Sundays, stress always coats my mind when they come; I do like Thursdays though.

The Holiday Season is coming as well, I wish you all a merry one, I'm not one to celebrate anything, but they do give good deals on computer supplies, and who I'm I of all men to turn that down?

Not much has happened between my last update though, around January of next year I'll be, hopefully, by then I'll be able to upload some refrence sheets for my characters. But in the mean time, I'll keep you all posted on my life perhaps, maybe add some fun bits to entertain.